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Title Editorial Expansion Subtitle
Annual Report of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society    
Annual Review of Anthropology    
Annual Review of Information Science and Technology    
Annual Review of the Central Council for the Care of Churches    
Annuario Bibliografico di Archeologia    
Anthropol Préhist    
Anthropological Index Online    
Anthropologie (Brno)    
Anthropology Today    
Antike Welt    
Antikvariske Studier    
Antikvariskt Arkiv    
Antiq J (I);J Roy Soc Antiq Ireland (II)    
Antiquarian Horology    
Antique Dealer Collect Guide    
Antiques Review    
Antiquitas Reihe    
Antiquité Classique (Bruxelles)    
Antiquités Nationales    
Antiquités Nationales (Saint-Germain-en-Laye)    
Antiquities of Sunderland    
Antiquities of Sunderland and its vicinity    
Antiquity   a quarterly review of world archaeology
Antiquity Papers    
Applied Geochemistry    
Approaching the Ancient World series    
Arbeia Journal    
Arboricultural Journal    
ARCA Classical Medieval Texts Pap Monogr    
Archaeol Artefacts Conserv Guidelines    
Archaeol Atlantica Res Rep    
Archaeol Belgica    
Archaeol Belgii Speculum    
Archaeol Clwyd    
Archaeol Duacensis    
Archaeol Interregionalis    
Archaeol Monogr    
Archaeol of the M11    
Archaeol Rep    
Archaeol Res Publ Northern Ir    
Archaeol Res Tools    
Archaeol Rev Cambridge Occas Pap    
Archaeol Service Excavation & Service Rep    
Archaeol Stud Uppsala Univ Inst N European Archaeol    
Archaeol Survey Canada Pap    
Archaeol Venatori    
Archaeologia   or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity
Archaeologia Aeliana   miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity
Archaeologia Atlantica    
Archaeologia Austriaca    



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