User Accounts and Export

This page gives you the information you need to save your search results and export your records. For instructions on using the search facilities see our How to Search page.

A quick note on account activation

Once you've created your account you will be sent an activation email. Some email providers may automatically relegate this to your spam folder, so please check there if you haven't received the activation email within an hour. Once you receive the activation email please click on the link provided in that email, as requested, to activate your account. If, having done all that, there still appears to be a problem do get in contact with us at the address.

Saving your records & Export

To save sets of retrieved records you need to register as a biab online user and sign-in. You can save sets of results for export in the following formats:

biab format in pdf or html
Harvard format in pdf or html

Once you are registered and signed in you can perform the searches you want using the search options and you will see that your results sets have tick boxes next to each record. To compile your export file simply tick the box next to each record you want to include. Above your list you will see a horizontal line of links to export options: To export your selected records in, for example, Harvard html, simply ensure you have ticked all the records you want and then click on the Harvard html link. You will be taken to the exported file which you can then save. For details of how to use the BibTex option and reference management software import, see below.

biab format

The biab format can be exported in .pdf or html. It provides any classification, followed by the standard biab online bibliographic reference format including title, author/s, and bibliographic details including the journal or monograph reference, and any abstract provided for the work. For example:

Axe Street, Barking, and the supply of medieval Mill Green-type ware to London and south Essex
Carew, T., Eddisford, D., Pearce, J., Vince, A.
London Archaeol, 12(5), 2009, 138-142, figs, refs

A description and cursory analysis of thirteenth- and fourteenth-century pottery found during excavations undertaken by AOC Archaeology in 2006, the majority of which was imported from Mill Green, Essex. JD

Harvard format

The Harvard format can be exported in .pdf or html. It provides the standard Harvard bibliographic reference format, which for the example given above, would be:

Carew, T. (2009). Axe Street, Barking, and the supply of medieval Mill Green-type ware to London and south Essex. (London Archaeol). 12(5), p.138-142.

Using BibTex & ocoins metadata compatibility.

biab produces bibliographic references that can be used in many other systems. There are two main ways of doing this:

- Using the bibtex export format
- Using the embedded ocoins metadata


1 - Importing into programs/services that can use the BibTEX format (eg CiteULike, Mendeley Desktop)

a) Individual articles:
From an individual article page, click on the Bibtext link. You'll be prompted to save the file bibliography.bibtex onto your computer.

b) Your saved articles can be exported using the 'BibTeX Export' button in the Saved Articles box. This will export all of your currently saved articles into a single BibTex file:

c) To import your BibTeX file into CiteULike, select 'Import' from the MyCiteULike menu. When prompted select the saved BibTeX file and click Import. The items in the BibTex file will then appear in your CiteULike library.

d) To import BibTeX into Mendeley Desktop, select on File->Add Files from the menu. Select 'Enable: All files (*)'. Select your saved BibTeX file. The items will be added to your Mendeley desktop library.

Using the ocoins interface

Ocoins is a system that allows online service to automatically detect bibliographic information from webpages. Examples of services that use ocoins data are Zotero and Mendeley web.

a) Importing single items into Zotero. From an article page, click on the page document icon in the address bar

b) Importing multiple items into Zotero. Your saved items will appear to Zotero as multiple items. To import click on the folder icon in the toolbar. You'll then be prompted to select the items you wish to import. Select the items you want to import and they will appear in your library.

c) Importing items using the Mendeley Web Importer ( After installing the Mendeley Web Importer, browse to an article page in biab. Click on the 'Import To Mendeley' toolbar button and the article will be imported into your Mendeley account.

If you have any questions on this aspect of the biab service please contact us via:



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