Selection policy for biab

We are aiming for comprehensive coverage of a prioritised list of publications relating to the archaeology of Great Britain and Ireland. biab will also cover more general literature on archaeology, monument conservation and heritage management, public and political aspects of archaeology, and the sciences as applied to archaeology as resources allow.

In terms of archaeological period, we range from Palaeolithic to recent times, with Industrial and twentieth-century archaeology becoming increasingly represented as the general scope of archaeological work is beginning to shift into these areas. For details of the chronological framework we use see chronology.

Virtually all relevant articles in our defined list of serials are abstracted. However, we do not cover heraldry, historical topics with no explicit archaeological component, industrial history (as opposed to industrial archaeology), museology (unless it affects archaeological collections), or paintings (unless they have a particular archaeological significance or are physically attached to buildings). We will cover the technicalities of archaeological conservation and laboratory examination, although articles of more immediate interest to archaeologists, (eg on the limitations of conservation, on `first-aid' conservation in the field, and on the availability and limitations of laboratory techniques of examination) will be given priority for inclusion over highly specialised scientific papers.

It should be noted that from 1999 we no longer abstracted articles from popular magazines (such as British Archaeology) and current-awareness literature - although the contact details for these publications will still be input into the database.

British and Irish material is given priority, but we also scan a range of serials published abroad in case they contain material which directly relates to the archaeology of these islands. Material which draws entirely on foreign evidence, but which has indirect relevance to British and Irish archaeology (for example discussion of generally applicable techniques of analysis), is also being covered as our resources allow.



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