A1(M) Alconbury to Peterborough DBFO Scheme. Archaeological Investigations. Post Excavation Assessment and Research Design. Project No. 414 [Site name: A1(M) ALCONBURY TO PETERBOROUGH DBFO SCHEME Study area: Investigation type: Evaluation District: Chiltern, Peterborough UA Monument: PIT. Roman (AD43-410), [finds]. Middle Iron Age, [finds]. Roman (AD43-410), [finds]. Early Iron Age, ENCLOSURE. Roman (AD43-410), ENCLOSURE. Late Iron Age, DRAIN. Modern (1901-present), DITCH. Roman (AD43-410), BURIAL. Roman (AD43-410), GULLY. Iron Age, G Ngr: TL00180075, TL19009900 Parish: Latimer Postcode: HP5 1XA, PE1 2RG]

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A number of evaluation excavations were undertaken ahead of the A1(M) widening. At Norman Cross a series of interconnecting linear gullies and ditches were excavated, they didn't combine to form a coherent structure but indicated probable Romano-British domestic occupation nearby, including backplots and a yard. Tort Hill West was a major site divided into two areas of settlement. Despite their separate definition, both areas shared a similar sequence and chronology. Both could be regarded as elements within a single settlement complex of the Late Iron Age and early Roman transition period. At Conington Bridge a detailed survey was carried out, including a photographic survey and the production of detailed elevation drawings. Just one possible Romano-British linear feature was seen at South Farm, Upton, but it contained no finds. The excavations at Alconbury Hill revealed no features of indisputable Archaeological origin. Finally, at Vinegar Hill Romano-British features were excavated, however an absolute or even coherent picture of occupation and settlement was not forthcoming. An insight into land-use and management was however, gained. [AIP]
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72pp, refs, figs



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