biab online contains material from the following datasets:

To best understand any results set you retrieve from the biab online dataset as a whole you are advised to refer to these pages. 

The biab online dataset is made up of reference collections from nine separate projects. All have bibliographic references to works pertaining to the archaeology of the British Isles and Ireland. However, they were each created at different periods in history, by different editors, and can involve different types of content, different abbreviations for journal titles and different name citation styles - to name but a few variations. These works were digitized by the biab online project during the 1990s and merged to form the core of the biab online dataset. We are continually updating the service with records from recently published work.

Now that biab online has launched the new system we plan a programme of work to make this dataset internally consistent and therefore improve user experience and speed of retrieval. This work is ongoing as resources permit, so please bear with us - but do not hesitate to point out any inconsistencies or aspects that you notice to the email address: info -at-

What biab online contains . . .

biab online - marked the beginning of the digitally created service. Initially continuing the twice-yearly hard-copy publication from 2002-2004 biab online became an online only service from 2005 to the present

BIAB - The British & Irish Archaeological Bibliography, BAB become the British & Irish Archaeological Bibliography in 1997, to reflect the addition of the Irish Heritage Council to the consortium that funds the bibliography. It was produced from 1997 to 2001 when it became the biab online service.

BAB - The British Archaeological Bibliography, which was established following the retirement of Cherry Lavell from the CBA in 1991, ran from 1992 to 1996.

BAA - The British Archaeological Abstracts - also published by the CBA, and edited by Cherry Lavell - was a twice-yearly compilation featuring the latest and most significant archaeological publications. It was published from 1968 to 1991.

ABGBI - The Archaeological Bibliography for Great Britain & Ireland, published by the CBA, which provided comprehensive, indexed listings for publications from 1940 to 1980 (originally under the title Archaeological Bulletin for the British Isles).

Reports of the Committee on Ancient Earthworks & Fortified Enclosures [of the Congress of Archaeological Societies] for 1906 to 1939. Read online.

A Guide to the Historical and Archaeological Publications of Societies in England and Wales 1901-1933 by E L C Mullins for 1901 to 1933.

The Index of Archaeological Papers produced by the Gomme family between 1892 and 1910. This was a retrospective compilation, and it included the works of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century antiquaries. Read online.

[The conversion of the antiquarian bibliographies from published volumes onto computer was funded by the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (now part of English Heritage), with additional assistance from The British Academy.]

Grey Literature

biab online is now also able to provide seamless online searching of grey literature records from the Archaeological Investigations Project, now that AIP data has been imported as part of the biab online service upgrade.

Users are also referred to the OASIS website.




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