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"Itinerarium Johannis Regis Anglice," a table of the movements of the court of King John of England, from his coronation, May 27th, A.D. 1199, to the end of his reign, Thomas Duffus Hardy 124–160
"J. E." Ancient British Coins found with Roman coins in England.   80–81
"Javelins" and "Javelin Men." B. Howard Cunnington 199–201
"Joyalx" of John of Gaunt, bequeathed to the cathedral church of Lincoln. Original Document. Rev. J. F. Wickenden 317–325
"Killing pits" [on the north-west brow of the Goathland Moor, Yorkshire]. J R Mortimer 144–149
"Last post for the mail" Roland Moss 13–15
"Lock rings" of the Late Bronze Age George Eogan 93–148
"Long and short" quoins and pilaster strips in Saxon churches E C M FLETCHER, E D C JACKSON 12–29
"Lop-sided" Arrow-heads Robert B K Stevenson 179–182
"Lugudunum"; une étymologie gauloise de l'empereur Claude ["Lugudunum"; a Gaulish derivation by the emperor Claudius] Pierre Flobert 264–280
"M. R." Some notes on the Burkes.   196–197
"Maister Thomas Hunt, late mayor of this Citie of Exceter." Arthur R. Hunt 460–490
"Manly Peeke of Tavistock." J. Brooking Rowe 262–275
"Nighthawks" still active in Kent Brian Philp 226–228
"Nothing of any significance has been unearthed" Mike Pitts 7–7
"Of the takeing awaie of a gentlewoman, the youngest daughter of Sir Nicholas Bagenall, late marshall of her majestie's armie, by the erle of Tirowen," as revealed by the documents preserved in her majesty's state paper office. Daniel MacCarthy 298–311
"Old Clem" celebrations and blacksmiths' lore. Frederick Ernest Sawyer 321–329
"Old London" in pre-Roman times. Dr. John S. Phené 89–102
"Omurethi." Customs peculiar to certain days, formerly observed in county Kildare.   439–455
"P. H. W." Fausta N. F. and other coins.   81–83
"Patterns in prehistory": an examination of the later thinking of V Gordon Childe Peter Gathercole 225–232
"Perkin's School-Tokens" of the seventeenth century. F. Parkes Weber 262–267
"Probatio Ætatis," from the Surrender collection. William de Septvans 124–136
"Pychenecumbe," abstracts of original documents in the registers of the abbey of St. Peter, Gloucestershire. Rev. John Melland Hall 141–162
"Rack Close," Guildford. George C. Williamson 201–203
"Restoration House," Rochester. William Brenchley Rye 111–116
"Rood screen" in the parish church of St. Mary the Virgin. Charlton-on-Otmoor, Oxfordshire. Rev. C. E. Prior 18–
"Rose" MM. on Irish money. Rev. Canon Assheton Pownall 60–61
"Severns" - a 15th century timber-framed building taken down and re-erected on a new site in Nottingham in 1970 Freddie W B Charles 45–61
"Slane in Bregia," Co. Merth: its friary and hermitage. Thomas Johnson Westropp 405–430
"Souterhous Brigge"; a medieval bridge in Furness J MELVILLE, J L HOBBS 129–133
"Stampare a conio." How did the Romans strike their medallions? C. W. King 33–40
"Straw-bear Tuesday." G. C. M. Smith 202–
"Sunday evenings won't be the same without Time Team" Mike Pitts 22–29
"Swift's house," Dorset Street. E. MacDowel Cosgrave 86–87
"The Anatomy of the Earth": by Thomas Robinson, Rector of Ousby in Cumberland, 1694, with a note on the author. Joseph Greenop 243–265
"The baptism of our Lord," as represented at Kells and Monasterboice. Most Rev. John Healy 1–6
"The Black Death" and its effects, with special reference to St. Albans. Mrs J T Knight 262–276
"The Chantry," Marlborough. C E Ponting 585–589
"The Cheshire Regiment," or 22nd regiment of foot. Frank Simpson 25–64
"The Daff Stone," Moneydig. Co Derry. Rev. George Raphael Buick 159–162
"The Deanery", Chartham [a medieval manor house] M J Sparks, E W Parkin 169–182
"The early monarchy of Egypt." F. Legge 14–16
"The Geraldines Throw"; identification of the spot referred to in a sixteenth century legend related by Holinshead. Lord Walter Fitzgerald 202–206
"The Holy Bones." George C. Bellairs 288–289
"The King's Cellar" at Limekilns, Dunfermline. Alan Reid 658–665
"The Leager" book, Winestead. Rev. Norman J. Miller 26–42
"The Mansion of the Fair". The story of Houghton House. I. Mary S F George 169–174
"The Miser's Doom:" a modern Greek morality. John L. Myres 102–104
"The names of his Majesties Shipps, with the number of Men and Furniture requisite for the settinge forth of them"; also "The generall Mustars taken throughout the whole Realme of England and Wales"; Rev. John Brand 53–58
"The old order changeth..." Clive Robert Orton 283–283
"The Prayer Bell," commonly called "The Minister's Bell," in the parish church of Elgin. Archibald Hamilton Dunbar 338–340
"The Roman Ridge", Hill Top, Kimberworth, near Rotherham Dorothy GREENE 95–97
"The royal feud in the Wadi Halfa Temple": a reply. P. Scott-Moncreiff 333–338
"The Rundlestone." Dr. Arthur B. Prowse 219–221
"The Serpent Column of the Delphic Oracle." T. Cato Worsfold 326–339
"The six hills," Stevenage. Rev. H. Fowler 40–48
"The Sixteen" of Heanor. Rev. R. Jowett Burton 152–170
"The Walls of Chester George W. Shrubsole 71–113
"Things Nedefull for this Present State," by John Mountgomery, 1562; with a preface and notes by Edward Maunde Thompson, keeper of manuscripts and Egerton librarian in the British Museum. Aucher Cornwall Taylor 209–241



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